Keep in touch, on your own terms.

At home, at work, on the go. With GG it’s very simple!

Komunikator GG telefon tablet mobile
Komunikator GG telefon tablet

Simply everywhere

Chat on the computer and on the phone.
You can also chat in the browser without installing the app (available on the desktop version).


GG, always with you

Meet new people, keep in touch, on your own terms, wherever you want. At home, at work, on the go. With GG it’s very simple!

GG for mobile devices, available for Android and iOS.


Simply GG

Meet new people, express your emotions, create memories. Wherever you may be -
with GG, it’s simple!

Download the GG app for desktop devices with Windows, Mac OS X or Linux systems.


GG without any fuss

GG is for those who like to stay in touch on their own terms. You don’t want to install the application? Chat through the browser on your computer.

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GG Chat

In today’s world, clients expect fast reactions and efficient communication from companies. GG Chat makes this possible. The service supports sales and facilitates online communication with customers - quickly, securely, on any device. GG Chat adapts to your site.

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Lucky pick

Give fate a chance and find your soul mate. Or the love of your life. Or simply a companion to talk to. Life is full of surprises, allow yourself to experience one of them - draw a contact and chat wherever you want: at home, at work, on the go. GG is always with you.

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